Mini Ham & Cheese Omelets | Good Cook Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe #99 - Koupon Karen (2024)

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I’m so excited to share with you these Mini Ham & Cheese Omelets which I made with our Thanksgiving Leftovers and my Good Cook products. But first I have to share with you our Thanksgiving. It wasn’t our normal holiday, we spent it a little different this year.

Thanksgiving is over! Yup, just like that it’s done. All that planning, all that cooking, it is all over and now we all have a fridge full of leftovers. Well, we don’t actually have a fridge full of leftovers because we didn’t have a very big Thanksgiving. That wasn’t the plan, but that’s what happened.

Two weeks ago my family and I went on a lovely vacation to Disney World. My mother and father came with us and the 6 of us had a great time. Half way through the trip, my dad got sick with a fever, chills and a head cold. He did his best to rest and still enjoy the trip, and we gave him the time he needed to get better. By the time our trip was over he was pretty much back to normal and then my oldest had a fever the day we came home. We returned on Saturday, 11/23 the weekend before Thanksgiving. The plan was my entire family was coming to my house for dinner on Thanksgiving and even though I was a bit stressed about being ready since we just returned from vacation, I had 3 whole days once the kids were back in school and my husband went to work.

That didn’t happen. My oldest continued with her fever and body aches and was home with me on Monday. I still had to shop for the big dinner in 4 days so after my husband came home from work, I snuck out to the food store and got everything we needed. My mother was going to pick up the Turkey and a Ham (per request of my daughter who loves ham) and my sister-in-law and her mother were both bringing a side dish. I was in charge of potatoes, cranberry sauce and bread. Oh and of course, preparing my house for 18.

Tuesday morning came and my oldest was home again. By now we knew she had a double ear infection. Poor thing. But dinner was still going to be at my house because she was taking an antibiotic and should be better ASAP. Unfortunately by Tuesday evening, I began sneezing. Repeatedly.

Wednesday morning I woke up and could barely get out of bed. It was horrible! My husband had already left for work and while my oldest wasn’t going to school that day, my youngest was and I had to find it in me to pull myself out of bed and into the shower so I could get her off to school. I don’t ever remember feeling that way. I seriously felt like I had been hit by a truck because my entire body hurt… A LOT.

I got her off to school and called my husband and my mother practically in tears. There was no way I could host Thanksgiving at my house the next day. I could barely stand up, I was so sick. Plus my youngest still wasn’t better. My sister-in-law offered to host it at her house for the rest of the family. My mother cooked the ham Thursday morning and dropped it off on her way to Thanksgiving Dinner at my brother’s. She wanted the 4 of us could to at least have dinner together, even though more than half of us were sick. Because now my little one had a fever. 🙁

In the end, it wasn’t a bad day. We spent it together, mostly on the couch. And I watched the entire Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with my girls, except for the hour that I fell asleep on the couch. We had a yummy dinner, thanks to my wonderful mom whom I’m ever grateful for, and for my husband as well, who took care of us all. Later that night my mom and dad did bring us some turkey and stuffing so we could enjoy a little bit of it too.

So as I started saying above, my fridge isn’t full of leftovers but we had plenty of ham left to not only make sandwiches with, but also a fun breakfast over the weekend.

As you know, I’m part of the Good Cook Kitchen Expert program and they sent me lots of fun kitchen tools and gadgets to use to prepare our Thanksgiving feast, which my mom happily took from my kitchen to use for their turkey. They also asked me to share a Thanksgiving leftover recipe with my readers and use whatever Good Cook tools I needed in the process.

I decided to make some mini Ham & Cheese Omelets for breakfast over the weekend and they were a huge hit and super simple to make! I used the Good Cook Muffin Pan which made 6 omelets. All I needed were eggs, some chopped ham and shredded cheese. I used an Italian Cheese mix but you can use any cheese you’d like.

Once the ham was chopped and the eggs were scrambled, I added some egg to each muffin well, then added ham, cheese and some salt & pepper. I used the scrambled eggs in five and broke one egg in the sixth one. My oldest prefers her eggs that way. I should have done two like that because after they were cooked, I wished I had one like that too!

I popped that in the oven at 350 and in about 20 minutes they were cooked!

The scrambled egg ones pulled right away from the Good Cook non-stick muffin tin but the unscrambled one didn’t as easily but with a little help it came out in once piece. We toasted some bread and enjoyed our breakfast. The girls loved them and asked me to make more. These would be great to make and then freeze for later in the week. A few minutes in the microwave and they’ll be perfect!

We are all on our way to be better, and hopefully Monday morning everyone will be off to school and work and mommy can rest in peace and quiet and continue to feel better.

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Disclosure: I received a Free product for review. My opinions are 100% mine.






Mini Ham & Cheese Omelets | Good Cook Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe #99 - Koupon Karen (2024)
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